These are the people that make BE the practice a reality.
Founding members provide capital investment and have a role in the BE the practice vision.

Nicky BE the practice

Nicky Ure

Founder, BE the practice

British, portuguese and spanish by adoption, I am a nomad at heart and have lived in few spots across the world - Madrid now being my home. Once a upon a time the corporate world was my life. I have Master of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of St Andrews and a postgraduate in Law. This led me to a career as in banking law in London and later to a career in cultural strategy and management, where I worked for 8 years for Culture Authority of Abu Dhabi (UAE) with my last post being Director of the Programming Department. An interest in the nature of the human condition and a quest for deeper meaning have been with me throughout. I am am the founder of BE the practice and I hope this platform helps you start (or continue) your own BE well story.

Why BE the practice?

BE the practice has been a dream long in the making.  I believe that we are holistic beings who need to take care of our wellbeing on a daily basis to become our most vibrant selves. This platform aims to help people do just that. As we heal ourselves, the world heals with us. BE the practice. BE well.

Mia Kirn-Fedda

Mia Kirn-Fedda

A documentary producer, turned mother of two, now looking for new ways to adapt a creative, intellectual and spiritual life into my busy family life. Once upon a time I made television. I have a degree in Film from New York University and a masters in Art History from Christie´s Education London. I am Cuban/Polish with a little American and Spanish thrown in. I have lived all around the world and currently calling Ibiza my true home after already spending 33 summers on the island.

Mia´s BE well story

Ibiza has always been part of my life and it has given me so much, but what it has given me in the last two years cannot compare. The array of creative, healing and wise souls at my fingertips astounds me. I have let go and can now be proud of where I am heading. Having experienced the huge benefits of Breathwork as part of my personal life journey, I am now in the process of becoming a Breathwork practitioner. I am also always looking to improve my personal yoga and meditation practice.

Why be part of BE WELL CIRCLE?

I believe in women helping each other out. I know that there are alternative therapies out there waiting to be discovered, it is a matter of finding what best suits you and that is why BE is such a great resource. To be able to access the information it has taken us years to gather at a click of a button will help people find what they are looking for, that much quicker. If those around me have a better chance to heal themselves, then we are creating a better world and that is why I believe in Nicky, and her vision for BE, and I want be part of it not only for myself, but to set an example for my daughters. I run BE WELL IBIZA and also I take part in the overall vision and development of BE the practice.


These are the people that keep BE the practice alive.
Ambassadors support with working in a pro-bono capacity or provide a charitable donation to BE the practice.

Mireia Guix

Mireia Guix

Intuitive, passionate, sensitive and adventurous. A free spirit and an explorer of sensations and experiences. I was born in Catalonia, Spain and I am professional in the field of communications and PR in fashion and lifestyle. After having lived for two years in Stockholm and Bali for one year, I am now settled with my partner in Barcelona and we are expecting our first child, a new challenge, a new journey that I am anticipating with excitement. I support BE the practice communications and partnerships.

Mireia´s BE well story

I started my interior journey when I was 26 when I realised I couldn’t find the happiness and the peace I wished for in the exterior world and in instant pleasures. Thanks to my personal work, alternative therapies and yoga I’ve learned that happiness and well-being come from within, it’s part of one self no matter where we are, and only through working on being conscious of the present can we achieve inner peace and well-being. It is all about tendering our inner garden. Fundamentally, Yoga and its eight pillars have been my practice and my path. The time I spent in Bali changed immensely my understanding of life and everything in general. I like to live peacefully, be connected with nature, look after myself and those I love, eat well and feel good consciously whilst enjoying the small things that I’m given day by day.

Why be part of BE WELL CIRCLE?

I believe in this project because as its name implies, our path to being well consists of a daily practice that leads to a healthy lifestyle and body-mind balance. And by forming a support and compassion community, we can all help each other throughout the process of getting to know ourselves better and find our true selves. Together with Nicky and Mia I’m looking forward to do our bit to improve the day to day of those who will become our readers and listeners. Last but not least, for the love and devotion put into this project. I personally believe in pure love for all things and beings and its healing and expansive power.

Lucía Liencres

Lucía Liencres

My first contact with Yoga was in 2012 during my trip to Kenya to visit my grandaunt who has been practising yoga for many years. During this trip I realised the lack of control I had over my body-mind. I started taking classes in Madrid, especially to try to ease my back pain after a day's work as a lawyer. Soon after I made the decision to train as a yoga teacher. Today I have a yoga studio in Madrid, with more than 150 students and 10 teachers that teach almost all yoga disciplines. I live between Madrid and Tarifa, alternating between yoga classes, workshops, master class and my new project The Class -a yoga, meditation and nutrition video platform - that hopefully will be operative in the end of the year.

Lucia´s BE well story

Throughout my years of yoga practice as well as meditation for the last few months, I have started to know my body and mind, my limits and my strong points and how to work with them.  My intuition has developed a lot and I have learned to follow its guidance. I have also learned to value what I have and to be thankful to life for it. I have progressed in my spiritual and personal paths and I feel more and more complete in my life.

Why be part of BE the practice Circle?

I support BE the practice because there are many people who want to live their lives more consciously, want to learn to look after themselves in all aspects, want to be well and do not know how to start. I was very lost in the beginning and a platform like this would have been of much help. I also think it is a great opportunity for all of us in this world to create a large community which we can all benefit from, where we can help each other and grow together.


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BE the practice also has friends who have supported us in many other ways throughout the process and it is only because of their time, encouragement and support that BE the practice is a reality today. Click here to see who we are grateful for.