Holistic Nutrition. Health Coach. 

If you are looking for a Health Coach that can help you improve your diet for the rest of your life (we are not talking about a quick-fix diet!) you must contact Beatriz Larrea. Beatriz offers a multitude of services such as workshops, coaching and online courses, in addition to all the online content you can find on her web page on social media. BE the practice has been part of her workshops and I promise you that you will leave with loads of useful information on superfoods and many more things but most importantly you will leave inspired to change the way you look after yourself for the rest of your life.

We recommend you read her book ‘DETOX: Para Cambiar tu vida’ (book is in Spanish only though). We love it! You can buy it by clicking here.

Contact Beatriz for more information on appointments and courses in Madrid.
+34 608 983 164


My daily practice is based on a healthy and nutritious diet. A smoothie in the morning, fruit mid morning with some almonds and a lunch and dinner which includes legumes, wholewheat cereals, healthy fats and vegetables. I do sport  I have some time for myself every day and I love my job.