Billy White

Human Design. Astrology. Life Mapping. Relationship and Life Guidance.

Using the Human Design method, Billy will spend some quality time with you and make you feel comfortable about learning to deal with yourself and those around you. He explains something quite complicated in simple terms. Human Design is a modern synthesis of four ancient systems:  Astrology, the Chakra system, the I-Ching and the Kaballah.  Through Human Design, you will learn your personal strategy of how to take action in life, and how to make decisions correctly as yourself.

Take your phone with you and make a voice recording of the session, so you can listen to it again in the future.

by appointment only. Also available for skype sessions.
St Agnes, Ibiza. +34 657 038 428


I start every day with a short meditation followed by warm lemon juice and water, followed by a superfood smoothie with my vitamins and supplements, and I usually do a few warmup stretches.  Then 5 mornings a week, I go to a 1.5 hour Iyengar style yoga class, and a few days a week, I take walks or bike rides or a swim in the sea in the summertime!