BE WELL MADRID Natural Therapies

Juana María Pascual Cifre | Craneosacral Therapy

For some of the team members of BE the practice craneosacral therapy is a key part of their wellbeing ritual and we consider it a super powerful therapy. Craneosacral therapy, a very subtle therapy, worrks with the movement which is part of the craneosacral system directly influencing the nervous system and our hormones to stabilise and reestablish a healthy and dynamic balance of the coporal fluid, body and organs by means of homeostsasis. Biodynamics completes this circle by exploring also the emtional component creating a profund integration of management of our overall being.

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La Magdalena de Proust

La Magdalena de Proust is one of the best organic supermarket and bakeries in Madrid. You can find them in our lovely neighbourhood of Chueca. At La Magdalena de Proust they have a real passion for everything related to a healthy, organic and a conscious lifestyle. You will find a wide variety of organic produce, including fresh fruit and vegetables at their store. They also have an open kitchen where they host workshops! Laura (the owner) will be delighted to help you with any questions and if you chat to her she will transmit her pasion for a lifestyle based on organic food.

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Look at the stars

Billy White | Human Design

Using the Human Design method, Billy will spend some quality time with you and make you feel comfortable about learning to deal with yourself and those around you. He explains something quite complicated in simple terms. Human Design is a modern synthesis of four ancient systems: Astrology, the Chakra system, the I-Ching and the Kaballah. Through Human Design, you will learn your personal strategy of how to take action in life, and how to make decisions correctly as yourself.

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Buho Zen

Buho Zen | Meditation

Buho Zen was founded by Chuema Muela and its objective is to develop an inclusive spiritual community who does not discriminate based on sexual orientation, and carries out activities en various centres in Madrid where everyone is welcome without the obligation to pay or have any experience at all. Chema praciced zen meditation for 10 years and it is luxury to experience the peace that he transmits in his sessions. The guided meditation sesions are 1 hour where you practice three 15 minute meditations with a break in between. The sessions normally end with the reading of a text related to meditation or Buddhism. There are both chairs and cushions in the space. BE the practice goes along to sessions at Malone Studio (an art space) in Calle Pelayao and we love them!

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Natural Living-BW

Natural Living

Natural Living is a small market in San Carlos that offers a juice of the day and also various organic fresh produce and products. A small jewel, in the north of the island, that at the same time takes care of the enviroment with its pioneer project Vegware of biodegradable plastic bags and cases.

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