La Magdalena de Proust

Organic Supermarket.

La Magdalena de Proust is one of the best organic supermarket and bakeries in Madrid. You can find them in our lovely neighbourhood of Chueca. At La Magdalena de Proust they have a real passion for everything related to a healthy, organic and a conscious lifestyle. You will find a wide variety of organic produce, including fresh fruit and vegetables at their store. They also have an open kitchen where they host workshops! Laura (the owner) will be delighted to help you with any questions and if you chat to her she will transmit her pasion for a lifestyle based on organic food.

Organic sourdough bread that is beyond tasty? Look no further. It is here that BE the practice buys their bread everyday. Spelt, rye, kamut and many more and all of them make us feel great!

Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 21:00
Calle Regueros 8 28004 Madrid
+34 914 673 311


I like to think that “I deserve the best” and I am strict about this. I only eat the best organic products, I avoid eating fat and meat in excess and I spoil myself with the products I use on my body and face. I never skip my breakfast of wholewheat bread with olive oil and tahini. I remove from my day anything that can impact me negatively and that gives me more energy to carry out a healthy lifestyle. I move around by bicycle most the time and I make myself practice some stretching twice a week. I fight each day to find balance and I don’t give up. Laura Martinez, co-owner Magdalena de Proust