by Teresa Clemente, Reflexology

Reflexology entered my life by coincidence. During my pregnancy, as my stomach grew my battle with insomnia intensified. At the time I lived in London, and I was attending pre-natal yoga classes and it was my teacher who strongly recommended that I try reflexology. In the UK, reflexology is a popular treatment and culturally it is widely accepted. She insisted that it would help me to regulate my sleep patterns. And that is exactly what it did.

I could have never expected that the first session would cause such a drastic and positive change in my life. In that first session I visualized myself giving that same massage to someone else. It was strange and at the same time empowering. At that moment I thought of my family, it was a passing thought, which in retrospect made sense when I thought of the healing benefits. I knew at that moment that I wanted to offer this feeling of wellness to the people I loved. Later this feeling was manifested in wanting to share it with others that were not in my immediate circle. I wanted to help those that needed it using my hands. I am the lucky one, because in the end, my patients are the ones that teach me and the ones that give me so much every day.

I later understood that reflexology did not only help me with my issues with insomnia but with my general self esteem. This wonderful therapy arrived in a difficult moment in my life and made me realize the significance of holistic health.

Reflexology holds an important place of connection between mind, body and soul. Holistic health integrates all these important aspects, it understands that mind, body and soul must be in balance to reach a complete sense of well being, where we are happy, which in the end is what we all strive for.

At the moment of my struggle with insomnia I could have resorted to taking a pill, which would have helped me short term but would not have addressed the root of the problem. In my case the root of the problem was addressed by realizing that I was in a difficult time in my life and that it was directly affecting my sleep patterns. From then on, the word ´balance´ became a key word in my life. Only when there is balance between mind, body and soul can we feel peace and be well.

In todays world we live life at a fast pace, you could even compare it to the spin cycle of a washing machine. The spin cycle spins so fast that the clothes get stuck to the edges of the machine, in the same way we are stuck to the superficial things in life. As the machine turns around faster and faster, the clothes that are pushed to the sides leave an enormous hole in the middle. And that is exactly how people feel, moving quickly from one place to another, stuck to their phones, to their work or to other external things, while in their interior there is a hole that they are unable to fill.

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Reflexology helps you stop, helps you disconnect from that fast paced life and to connect with yourself for a while and to relax. Knowing how to relax your body and mind is not an easy task, but one that it is necessary. Know that during a reflexology session the therapist is massaging your feet of course, but through this massage she is working through the energy and substance that your body has created. The therapist looks to harmonize the nine systems in your body following the path that nature herself has planted. She helps you in this moment, to remind you of what really matters, your health. Your holistic health.

Traditional Chinese medicine defines ´qi-chi´or ´vital energy´ as the energy of life, the essential force of life. It is an invisible and silent force, but the internal power and balance of this force depends on the health of the individual. This energy moves through the body by way of several circuits that form a web of invisible channels which transport the qi to the fabric of the body. When the circulation of the energy does not flow smoothly it causes energetic blockages. This lack of balance in the energy of the body is what can contribute to illness.

Reflexology helps re-establish energetic balance in your body by stimulating self-healing, this usually works best when your body is prepared to accept this healing. Reflexology is a way to re direct and re-align your energy, helping you reach a level of wellness that allows your body to return to its optimal health.

We all have, at some point in our lives, felt a certain sense of feeling unsettled or uncertain, maybe even fear or distrust. Reflexology creates a change in energy, transforming destructive energy into positive energy, creating a sense of peace, trust and hope. The main aim of this therapy is to balance and align the energy in the human body so that the individual can feel balanced and in harmony with their mind, as was natures intended design.

This therapy has great benefits among them are:

– To strengthen the health and the capacity of self-regulation and healing of the body.

– To help balance the organs and nervous system both the emotional energy and the….

-Stimulates blood circulation, helping eliminate toxins and flush nutrients to all the cells in the body.

-Stimulates the functioning of the endocrine glands

-Balances the vital energy force (qi) of the nervous system and helps battle muscular pain, in the back, neck and can also help with head-aches.

-To strengthen immune system

The best part of having let reflexology into my personal and professional life, has been the door it has opened to a world full of holistic ways to care for myself. It has shown the path to find the benefits of yoga, proper nutrition and meditation. All of it forms part of a life style that has allowed me to meet wonderful people that have taught me much and continue to inspire me.
My most important lesson has been to understand that happiness is inside oneself and that good energy is contagious.
Feelings are hard to explain, they have to be felt. And I as a reflexologist am here to make it happen.


I try to be grateful every day and to value the little things. I try to live through my heart and to put myself in the place of others to understand and to not judge.

Teresa Clemente

Teresa Clemente

Teresa Celmente is a reflexologist and owner of Puntos Reflejos. She completed her professional studies at Reflexologia Podal (with Renne Iglesias and Murcio Kurchi, the former a world renown therapist in the world of reflexology specifically in maternal health, such as fertility, preconception and pregnancy) and at Reflexologia Facial for beautify at the International Institute of Lone Sorense. Teresea has also been trained en Floral Therapy by Renee Igelsesias (floral therapy by Bach has been recommended by the World Health Organization since 1976.)

Teresa believes that reflexology is a strong medium that aids you in finding a healthy and harmonious dialogue between your body and your mind. This is how she applies it every day as a mother of two children and lover of life.

You can book an appointment with her at her private reflexology centre in Madrid.