Somatic Work. Pantarei Approach. Grinberg Method.

Tatjana is a Pantarei practitioner. Pantarei is an experiential body-based somatic approach, that uses a combination of respectful touch and verbal communication, related to the client´s experience and what is felt in the client´s body by the practitioner. The intention with a Pantarei Bodywork session is to invite you as a client to have a closer relationship with yourself, to strenghten your ability to go through challenges and to increase your health and wellbeing.

Best to schedule plenty of time for the treatment and if possible arrive with an intention, something you feel needs attention in your life. You will get more out of the session this way.

Near Atzaro Agroturismo hotel in the north of the island. Ibiza.
By appointment only.

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First of all, I love doing yummy physical exercises from within, connecting with all areas in my body and raising the energy in my chest/heart area, belly, pelvis, legs and head, gaining clarity, openness and sensuality to create a juicy day. Second, I enjoy doing focused breath work into gratitude – for my child, my life partner, my work, my life and last but not least for my self – and to align from the heart with my intended outcomes for the day, week or month – fully embodying what I want to create and why: What is my hunger and inner purpose towards my aims?