Gratitude is everything!

If you were to pick just one practice to incorporate as your daily BE well ritual, it should be GRATITUDE.  Studies show that gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness – and who doesn’t want to be more happy? Here are a few tips on how to cultivate more gratitude:

Start or end your day listing a few things you are grateful for

Finish your meditations listing a few things you are grateful for

It is a wonderful practice to expresses your appreciation for someone

In the spirit of gratefulness, BE the practice would like to deeply thank the following people:

  • The BE WELL CIRCLE family and all of the contributors who have kindly put their time and effort into sharing the messages and wisdom in their thoughtful and heartfelt blog posts for BE the practice.



  • Lucia Liencres for being a wonderful friend and introducing me to all the ins and outs of the yogi world in Madrid and most of all for truly believing and supporting BE the practice.


  • My oh so kind and patient friends who have all in some way been my informal support network of helpers/advisors/editors along the many stages of the development of BE the practice: Tom Young, Danielle Stanners, Andy Roche, Katie & Matt Boucher, Claire Morton, Caroline Louka, Santiago Martín & Álvaro Laiz.


  • My wonderful mum, Kukas Ure, who has been from day one diligently translating all of the texts for BE the practice out of the kindness of her heart. Where would I be without you? Thank you.